About Lena Ag Center

Building2Lena Ag Center takes pride in providing propane for homes, businesses and farms throughout Miami County, Ohio and surrounding areas. Lena Ag Center is a joint venture between Harvest Land Co-op and Heritage Co-op. Read more in our “History” tab.

Propane has proven its versatility for heating homes, heating water, cooking, fueling gas fireplaces, lighting and heating outdoor living spaces, crop drying, greenhouse operations, irrigation and much more. It’s environmentally friendly and cost effective.

Our promise to you is simple: We deliver propane with no hidden fees (such as delivery, environmental and membership) and your safety in mind. There are programs to fit your budget and lifestyle with contracts, tank programs, guaranteed pricing and more.

Safety for our customers is our top priority. This is why each of our propane professionals are CETP trained and certified.

Contact the Lena Ag Center today at 937.368.3856 to take advantage of our outstanding, local customer service and competitive pricing.