TruckLena Ag Center, LLC was formed in March 2000 when Harvest Land Co-op and Champaign Landmark (now Heritage Co-op) purchased the assets of the former Terra Fertilizer Facility. Because Lena was near the county line of both Co-ops’ trade territories, it made sense to purchase the facility and operate it as a joint venture on behalf of the farmer-members of both cooperatives.

Harvest Land Co-op based in Richmond, Indiana was incorporated on March 10, 1930 and has been a local leader in agriculture and energy services. Heritage Co-op (formerly Champaign Landmark) was established in March 1934 and has also been a leader in both agriculture and energy. Both co-ops are owned by local farmer-members, who elect a Board of Directors which sets policy and oversees the Cooperative management. Both organizations have been serving the local communities for approximately 80 years.

From 2000 – 2012, Lena operated as an Agronomy Supply Operation, servicing local farmers with crop nutrients, seed, crop protection and custom application services. Since both parent companies are fully vested in providing energy services to the local communities they serve, both Boards of Directors approved the addition of a Propane Division for the Lena Ag Center in the summer of 2012.

Propane services include residential, commercial and farm. Customers do not have to be co-op members to utilize the services within the co-op system.