At Lena Ag Propane, we offer several options to fit your individual needs – whether it is commercial, home or farm.

Tank Options

  • Purchase
    • Above and below ground tanks are available in 5 different sizes.
  • Rental
    • We have tanks available for rent to service your residential or commercial locations

Installation and Service

  • Our professionally trained service technicians will schedule your tank installation depending on weather and availability. After the tank is set, they perform a full system check for leaks and to verify the system is in proper operating condition. We check and perform regular maintenance on our tanks and paint them as needed.

Payment Options

  • At Lena Ag Propane we understand that the cost can be high to keep your home or business warm. Because of this we are pleased to offer three unique payment plans.
    • Pay as you Use
    • Budget Billing
    • Maximum price contract

Delivery Fill Options

Lena Ag Propane has two options available to fit your needs when it comes to delivering propane to heat your home or business.

  1. Auto Fill: Allow us to monitor your tank level and supply propane when needed.
  2. Will Call: The customer is responsible to monitor tank levels and call Lena Ag Propane when the tank levels get to 20-30% to schedule a delivery.

Please contact Lena Ag Propane at 937.368.3856 to learn more about how these programs can fit your individual needs.